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Welcome to Midi's

Hi Sailor Chibimoon Here! And welcome to midi's I hope you enjoy the ones that are here and come back to see if any new ones come in!


The song they play while telling you about the moon kingdom:
Ai no senshi/Soilders of love:
Carry on:
Fate is so beautiful:
Starlights transformation theme:
My Only love:
The Outers transformation theme:
Maidens Policy:
Moonlight Densetsu, japanese theme song :
Someday Somebody, Ami's image song:
Sailor Moon Stars ending song :
Sailor stars opening theme:
Moon Revenge:
A better version of the above:
Sailor Moon theme:
Call My name:
Don't Fear:
Kyoufu, Kiki, Mercury no Tojou, I think it's from Neptunes death sence:
Eternal moon make up theme:
La Solider: