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the great Tsukino Usagi

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heart STATS:

Real Name:
English:Serena Japanese:Tsukino Usagi
Sailor Moon
June 30
Birth Place:
The Moon Kingdom
Contact Address:

heart Sailor Moon!
When Serena first finds that she is Sailor Moon
She can't belive it! And when she finds out she
also has to fight monsters she totally chikens out
and just sits down and cries. But then Tuxdo mask
comes to the rescue and encorages her to fight on
and she saves Molly.
heart the great Tsukino Usagi's Links
Some Manga pics of Serena
The Church of Tsukino Usagi, A great place
An Usagi Festival!

heart Under the Sailor Suit

Serena (Usagi) is a clutzy cry baby who hates
school and carrots. She is probably was one of
the world's worst student until she became Sailor
Moon Champion of Justice and slowly got more

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