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The awsome Hino Rei

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stars STATS:

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English:Ray Japanese: Hino Rei
Sailor Mars

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stars Sailor Mars
A firey warior with (you guessed it) the power
of fire. From the moment Ray found she was a
Sailor Scout she was a strong and determined
fighter. I'm not sure but I think she has the
strongest powers
stars The awsome Hino Rei's Links

stars Under the Sailor suit

Ray lives at a Shinp shrine with her Grandpa
and Chad. Her father is a polition and I
don't konw about her mother. Ray lovs to
pester and annoy Serena. Which might be the
reason she started to date Darien. But she
found out that she and Darien weren't meant
to be when they found the Princess...Serena

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